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Commercial Spaces

The interior design of commercial spaces are just as important as the interiors of residential buildings. At Exclusive Home Interiors, we believe that innovation and overall labor improvement, begins in the surrounding public environment. Offices are revolutionizing into collaborative open spaces where every employee is a part of the corporation’s growth. Residential and commercial lobby’s nowadays are welcoming and warming. The lobby of a building can be compared to a protective barrier against the urban world outside. Hallways and corridors in multi-unit buildings determine the building’s brand, design concept and age. Luxurious and functional spaces can be created for any office, public space, lobby, or hallway. Designers and architects are constantly learning new ways to utilize eclectic materials and ideas to create beautiful spaces.

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    Office & Commercial Spaces

    Every work space must be designed to inspire collaboration amongst the staff. By incorporating open space meeting rooms, natural light and splashes of color, the work place becomes less exhausting and more entertaining. Commercial spaces should be innovative to drive creativity, interaction and invention with employees of all ranking. Public office spaces such as lounges, bars, and cafes promote social interaction between staff members of different businesses. Socializing while working and having the freedom to access certain amenities during work hours, creates a healthier environment for corporate workers.

    Lobbys & Hallways

    A lobby inside of a multi-unit residential, or commercial building sets the tone for the environment. The design of a lobby, especially in New York City, must fit the brand of the building itself. Lobby’s are extensions to resident homes and employee offices. Similar to lobby designs, each hallway and/or corridor is akin to a front porch and it should fit the concept of the building itself. Materials specified should accommodate the central theme, it being traditional or contemporary.

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