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iKitchen: an Introduction to the Future of Exclusive Innovative Interiors

The innovation of modern technology revolutionized the 21 st century, redefining functionality and simplicity in everyday life. The constant development of motorized intelligence in contemporary kitchens serves to improve the style, quality and way of life for all generations. The dramatic development of the industry introduces new mechanisms that serve to utilize and optimize kitchen spaces. Features of the future include upgrades for kitchen cabinet finishes, mechanisms and appliances. Modern kitchen cabinets now possess unique open/close capabilities, which incorporate: fold, swing, lift-up, slide, pocket/flipper and push-touch systems. LED lights have been added as a groundbreaking feature and can be manipulated to illuminate a kitchen in warm, or cold temperature tones.

The industrialization of kitchens proves that size does not matter. Any kitchen space, big or small, can be optimized for complete and total use. Just like a smart phone, a kitchen can be organized in a compact space with a wide variety of applications made convenient and unique to a certain style.

Kitchens are the centralized and universal gathering place for family and friends. This public area within your private home is the epitome of conversation, milestones and, of course, a delicious meal. The visual aesthetic and functionality of such a sophisticated design creates the perfect atmosphere for every type of family.

Nowadays, families are not the only exclusive admirers of kitchen spaces. Contemporary kitchens are no longer defined by the values or image of a traditional household. Independent individuals rely on kitchen space for tranquility and organization to pacify their chaotic lives. For example, market powerhouses such as CopatlifeElmar CucineEuroMobili and Scavolini continue to develop home-technologies to enhance the lives of every single New Yorker. Companies like these are experts in the utilization of every single corner within an apartment. The creative minds of Elmar Cucine designed a convertible table that is hidden under the surface of a kitchen countertop, or island. The strategy behind creating a convertible table is to maximize efficiency. Having extra space, where it is often limited, creates endless opportunities to prepare and indulge in delicious, continental feasts.

Through observation and research, the progressive intellectuals of Copatlife determined the problem behind short-term kitchen deterioration. The company recognized that the finishes of modern kitchens should not only be beautiful, but also sustainable. Copatlife developed a heat and scratch resistant finish that truly redefines the definition of “multi-use.” The quality and smart featurettes differentiate this countertop finish from any other invented before. A contemporary innovation on a classic tradition creates the perfect atmosphere for every family, every couple, and every bachelor. The modern-day smart kitchen is equipped with appliances that make life easy, simple and organized. Kitchens continue to improve and transform into places of comfort and functionality. The evolution of such a traditional value is epic and will only advance as time goes on.

The purpose of innovating kitchen designs, finishes and mechanisms is to create simplicity in a modern home. Everyone has a dream kitchen that they wish to have. The one obstacle standing in the way of most people is that the process of kitchen decisions seems daunting. This moment of turning your dream into a reality should not be stressful.

If you do not know where to start your renovation, or home-building journey, we, the Exclusive Home Interiors, team would be more than happy to help you out. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our industry professionals, and you will be one step closer to your dream.

Celebrating an Exclusive Era

Exclusive Home Interiors was established over ten years ago in Brooklyn, New York. The main characteristic of a good company is noticing what society lacks, understanding what people need, and building a business based on a vision for a better future. The industry of home improvement is extremely competitive and there are undoubtedly many qualified companies on the market, but there is only one that can do it all.

We are an exclusive provider of Italian custom kitchen cabinets, doors, closets, lighting, furniture & more. We can easily accommodate any taste, style, or budget. The word exclusive directly translates to unique. Our company is extraordinary and is not to be confused with a common vendor, or resource. Our team can be considered the prime source between a concept, a design and a completed work. Remodeling a home, or specifying for a project shouldn’t be a difficult process. At Exclusive, we are here to make life easier.

Exclusive Home Interiors opened its first showroom in Brooklyn and became an instant success. Project after project, our team worked on transforming the common home into a comfortable, high-end, luxurious space for the right price. Our gracious hospitality and professionalism made each client happy.

Being in business for over ten years, we craved a larger workload and yearned to evolve. We saw the amount of construction being completed on every corner of the city, and felt the need to get involved in the action. Collectively, the Exclusive team decided to launch a development department to begin work on multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. Entering this market, we knew that it would be a shark tank, but we had enough hope, faith and leverage in the industry to succeed. There was only one slight issue: no architect, designer, or developer wanted to come visit our showroom in Brooklyn. The commute was tedious and took a lot of time out of everyone’s day.

To resolve the problem, we opened a showroom in Midtown Manhattan. The way we saw it was, “if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” We came to the Big Apple ready to work, compete and conquer. We built a retail showroom with high-end European products on display. Featuring several contemporary & traditional kitchens, functional closet systems, a variety of tiles & bathroom vanities, furniture pieces, lighting/plumbing systems, and a number of doors, makes our showroom a true spectacle.

We are extremely well-educated on every single company, finish, material, size, system, etc. Our team often travels to global trade shows and events. We are constantly educating ourselves on new technologies and innovations to incorporate into projects. We have participated in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, the Salone del Mobile in Milan and more. These events have allowed us to build a generous resource library of our own, as well as establish relationships with leading European brands.

Actions speak louder than words do, so I invite you to visit our Manhattan showroom located on the 11th Floor of 866 Sixth Avenue. At Exclusive Home Interiors, every experience is another story and offers a new way of living.

New Development in Progress: An Exclusive Empire

New Development in Progress: An Exclusive Empire – Anticipated Completion: SOON

Owner: 866 Sixth Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Associates, L.L.C., c/o Exclusive Home Interiors

Construction sites have become a defining landmark of New York City. On every street corner, it is common to see properties wrapped in scaffolding with a sign anticipating a certain completion date. This sign acts as a token of hope and optimism that in a short span of time, a piece of land will transform into a building.

The metamorphosis of a residential, or commercial project is completed with impeccable speed by a community of industry professionals. The creation of these tall, timeless masterpieces is complicated, which is why each completed project possesses historical importance.

The birth of a building begins with a desirable dream envisioned by a developer. The dream is so vast that every fiber in a developer’s body aches towards making it a reality. A developer hires an architect and a designer, who skillfully translate a mental image into a physical sketch. From that point on: budgets are set by estimators, blueprints are finalized by architects, renderings are made by designers, products are specified by service providers like Exclusive Home Interiors, and assembly teams are prepared by construction companies. Finally scaffolding is put up around a piece of property to symbolize the start of a journey. For the next 24 months, a dream motivated by a group of professionals grows into a revolutionary reality.

A massive neighborhood is on the rise in Midtown West. Stretching along Tenth Avenue, a project called Hudson Yards grew into an overnight sensation. Developed by the Related Companies, and designed by renowned artist, Zaha Hadid, Hudson Yards will feature functional living spaces with high-end interiors, modern finishes, and smart technological systems.

This residential project is the largest utopia currently being built. The new landmark will commemorate the talent of Zaha Hadid. The residents of Hudson Yards will forever remember the artist who created their homes. People from all over the world will travel to explore this breathtaking attraction that captures a feeling community.

The Vessel a modern sculpture being branded as the Eiffel Tower of New York City, is the center point of Hudson Yards. Designed and constructed as an endless staircase, The Vessel will serve as a beacon of hope to never stop, until you get to the top. While Midtown, Manhattan is certainly booming, downtown districts are also expanding every day. West Street, the infamous West side highway connecting Manhattan, is home to an influential residential building that broke social norms. Development agency, Time Equities created the first multi-unit residence to ever break ground along the West side Highway. The unique building, formally named 50 West,features extraordinary mahogany kitchen cabinets equipped with state of the art technologies, such as temperature controlled wine cabinets and dishwashers disguised as cabinets. The luxury bathrooms include mosaics of beautiful tile, custom marble vanities and advanced plumbing systems.

Located a couple of blocks away from the One World Trade Center, 50 West stands directly across the historical monument symbolizing a fresh look into the future. The location of 50 West was intelligently chosen to ensure that the view from any floor would not be obscured. Living at 50 West is akin to living in a museum of modern art and technology. Time Equities deserves endless praise for such a masterpiece that was manifested and completed with love and perfection.

New York City is often called, and known as the Concrete Jungle. Every jungle needs a leader to establish order and proper living conditions for the public. Property developers are those leaders who guide and shape the city’s skyline with innovative ideas and motivational efforts. The luxury lifestyle promoted using high-end interiors such as, custom kitchen cabinets, custom bathroom vanities, designer tiles and more are the key to a comfortable life.

At Exclusive Home Interiors, our team has major plans of creating our own empire by becoming the #1 source for developers, architects and interior designers. The interiors of multi-unit landmarks deserve to be completed with the quality and care they were conceived with. Here at Exclusive, quality, care and perfection are a guarantee. At the end of the day, the quality of a person, place or thing are not assessed by observing the exterior of them. It is what is on the inside that counts the most.

La Dolce Vita

Everyone admires, and secretly aspires to live the Italian lifestyle. The food, the culture, the architecture and the art are all beautiful components of Italy that influence the rest of the world. Nowadays, almost every new development in New York is influenced by Italian culture. Most buildings will pertain to modern influences, rising as glass skyscrapers. However, several extraordinary buildings will rise with traditional, classic exteriors.

For example, 130 William Street, designed by Sir David Adjaye & his team, is a high-rise residence that resembles an Italian villa. The facade is made out of a custom concrete with exposed windows making it an exclusive addition to not only the Financial District, but also the New York City Skyline. The interiors of every unit feature custom Italian kitchen cabinets with convenient storage systems. Artisan-made marble counter tops are heat-proof, waterproof and are an incredible addition to the kitchen environment. Each residence is equipped with custom Italian bathroom vanities with spacious drawers, as well as illuminated medicine cabinets to make the most out of the given space. The bathrooms are built completely with Italian hand-made marble and stone creating a luxurious atmosphere. Upon completion, the entire building will allow residents to experience the Italian lifestyle. Being at home will be akin to relaxing in a Tuscan villa. Home will be a constant vacation where residents are reminded of the three most important Italian values: food, family and friends.

Another Italian-influenced development is located at 114 Mulberry Street. The upcoming building has been named after a town in Rome called Parioli. Developed by market powerhouse, Wonder Works Construction Corp., and designed by Italian-based team ArchiGeo4, the new multi-unit residence is inspired by the Italian saying: “la dolce vita.” Making sure that life truly is sweet, Parioli suites will feature custom Italian kitchen cabinetry equipped with the latest and greatest home appliances. The lobby will be a true spectacle, highlighting Italian mastery of lighting and furniture. The best part about Little Italy’s new development is the art that will be installed throughout residences and the entire building. The photos and paintings will expose residents to Italian icons such as Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni.

125 Greenwich Street is currently in progress and is approaching completion. Developed by Italian real estate firm, Bizzi & Partners, the building focuses on bringing European influences into an American setting. The architect behind this project is Rafael Viñoly, who uses his knowledge of urban communities to create a functional, beautiful and contemporary environment. The interiors are designed by dynamic duo March + White. Residences at 125 Greenwich will be available to fit any taste, style and size. Three different color schemes are to be offered when it comes to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, counter tops and plumbing systems. Upon completion, this versatile building will accommodate every single resident. The kitchen cabinetry is heavily influenced by Italian technology offering occupants the space they deserve and pay for. Apartments will include Italian bathroom vanities hand-made with marble. This reoccurring luxury defines an exclusive lifestyle and is adored by many.

There are so many other buildings currently under construction that will feature Italian interiors. Living the Italian life is definitely globally craved. Future apartments will not only going to be a place for rest, but they will also be a work of art defined by Italian culture. For over a decade, Exclusive Home Interiors has been trying to prove to the world that the future is in Italian kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, closets, doors, lighting and furniture. The world finally seems to believe in the concept we have been pushing for years. At Exclusive, we have already developed a familial relationship with noted and sought-after Italian interior companies. We can guarantee the best deals on the market for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. Even looking at the renderings for 130 William, Parioli and 125 Greenwich, we can specify each item immediately without even doing much research. Exclusive Home Interiors is the primary source to use in new developments.

An Intimate Evening with Exclusive: Hosted by Luxe Magazine

Welcome back to reality New Yorkers! Summer seemed to be neverending this year with the horrendous heat and humidity. This was a tough time to be in New York City, but the team at Exclusive Home Interiors managed to beat the heat. Now that tans are starting to fade, highlights are beginning to go dark and everyone is realizing they hate having sand in their shoes, we can start kissing relaxation goodbye. But the end of summer is the beginning of a new season and a fresh attitude. We find ourselves looking to the future after a period of leisure. To celebrate, Exclusive Home Interiors is partnering with Luxe Magazine to host an event on Thursday, September 27th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Guess what? You are all invited.

Farrell Building Company annually partners with Luxe Magazine to present their “Summer Showhome.” The Exclusive team has decided to join the highly anticipated tradition by hosting an event to celebrate the coming of Fall. Our event will feature interior innovations of the future inside of our beautiful showroom in Midtown, Manhattan. Companies such as Copatlife, Elmar Cucine, Dall’ganese, Martini Mobili will be showcased throughout the space. Italian catering and libations will be served to guests to establish an appropriate environment. Our partners at Luxe Magazine will be sending out an official RSVP/E-VITE, so be on the look out! This is going to be THE hottest event of the year, so you won’t want to miss it. We want to honor industry professionals, as we embark on a new journey with the launch of our multi-unit development department.

As a premiere source of Italian kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, doors, closets, lighting, furniture & more, we want our future business partners to know that the Exclusive team can make everyone’s lives easier. Join us for an intimate evening to observe the beauty and elegance of Italian interiors, furnished in our showroom. Check out all the details below!

WHEN? Thursday, September 27th, 2018

WHERE? Exclusive Home Interiors Showroom 866 Avenue of the Americas, 11th Floor New York, New York 10001

WHAT TIME? 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Click on the link to RSVP: Luxe Magazine Event @ Exclusive Home Interiors

The Revival of Neglected Neighborhoods

One of the most important aspects of being in the architecture and design industry is constantly remaining educated on upcoming developments. It is meticulous work to research project information on websites like the Real Deal, or BidClerk. However, this is the only way to stay involved and relevant in this industry. Recently, there has been a huge influx of developments in overlooked neighborhoods, such as Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn. To specify, there has been a major expansion of proposals for multi-unit, residential high-rise buildings.

Bringing attention to Harlem is absolutely necessary. The neighborhood has never been known for developing communities of luxury, high-rise buildings. However, a numerous amount of developers saw Harlem as an opportunity to expand the Manhattan skyline. The creation of these new residences are in coherence to affordable housing making it possible for any income families to live in a safe space. The rise of these new ‘super-tall’ skyscrapers will positively promote security for residents who are often seen as vulnerable in such a neighborhood.

A particularly interesting development is set to premier at 20 West 116th Street, which will feature an 11-story, 28-unit apartment building. The new residence is special because it will be built on top of an existing, historical church. Harlem is an extremely historical and religious part of New York, and conserving the originality of the district is the key factor in creating successful developments. This is a popular trend amongst developments in Harlem, where residential units are being built on top of sacred spaces. Family is a divinity in itself and creating a holy home is the purpose of this landmark turnaround. The hospitality industry is also starting to expand to West 126th Street. Harlem’s infamous Victoria Theater was purchased by the Empire State Development Corporation to transform into a Renaissance Hotel by Mariott. The high-rise will feature approximately 200 rental units, half of which will be residential apartments offered at a below-market price. By creating an environment in which tourists are welcome, it will be interesting to see how Harlem transforms. It is such a historical part of New York that is often overlooked and branded as a place of crime, horror and violence. It is wonderful to see how real estate developers, architects and designers “re-discovered” Harlem and are working on building a better future for the hidden city gem.

Architecture and Interior Design firm duo, Hill West Architects and Whitehall Interiors NYC, can be confidently credited for Harlem’s revival. The partner firms started the construction craze in Harlem when they began working on the North Park Tower located at 1399 Park Avenue. The luxury building will soon rise to 23-stories with 72 exquisite units. The new construction is being branded as “legendary,” due to the blending of new technology and modern interiors with the historical neighborhood of Harlem. Developed by a private real estate investment firm called Heritage, 1399 Park Avenue will promote traditional family values in a modern setting. Early renderings of the apartment kitchens show traditional-style cabinetry with contemporary finishes, built to create a functional environment. It can be defined as a modern elegance that is not typically encouraged in present-day residences.

A big part of New York that is often overlooked is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is commonly misconceived as a community of brick pre-war buildings, old technology & appliances and eastern European immigrants. However, by early 2019, New York City’s sister metropolis will break free from all inferior stereotypes. New Yorkers will eventually desire to live, explore and thrive in Brooklyn.

A development that has made a lot of noise in the world of architecture, design and real estate, is located at 9 Dekalb Avenue. Upon completion, the building will be absolutely epic and totally unique to the Brooklyn skyline. Rising at 73-stories, and offering over 500 residential units, 9 Dekalb will be the tallest tower in Brooklyn once it is completed. The developer for this massive project is JDS Developers. The company partnered with Chetrit Group, and chose ShoP Architects as their lead architects. Interiors for this building are still an enigma and are to be determined. Who knows? Maybe the Exclusive Home Interiors team will get a chance to take on the new supertall and provide unique kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, doors, closets, lighting and more.

Lastly, emphasizing a triplet tower development in the South Bronx is imperative to the topic of overlooked and forgotten neighborhoods. The development is so large that it holds two official addresses: 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue. Real estate investment firms, Chetrit Group and Somerset Partners, are collaborating to construct these new residences, and have nominated the Hill West team as the lead architects. Each building will rise to 25-stories, and have 430 units available to lease. The entire project will hold about 1,300 residential units and have a 175-car garage. The interiors have also not yet been specified for this building, but renderings show sleek, sophisticated, modern kitchen cabinets, as well as bathroom vanities made with Italian marble and quartz. Once again, the priority of interior designers and architects is to create a stunning home, while utilizing every corner of a small space.

New York City is an extremely populated island, and it continues to expand with new residences for people to choose from. Every person deserves to live in a comfortable space that ensures aesthetic, practicality and performance. Every citizen should have the right to have the latest appliances and technologies equipped in their homes. Stainless steel microwaves, ovens and wine cabinets are a must nowadays. In New York neighborhoods such as Midtown East/West, the Financial District, TriBeca, SoHo, Chelsea, Upper East/West Side, etc., these normal and necessary appliances add cost to the already expensive and barely affordable real estate rates.

Engineering new construction in neighborhoods like Harlem, the Bronx and areas of Brooklyn, allows homes to be leased under the affordable housing plan. This gives every person of every socioeconomic dimension to live comfortably and glamorously. Exclusive Home Interiors supports this movement completely and is happy to be working a couple of firms that are solely focused on “forgotten neighborhoods” right now. It will be exciting to see how the skyline of Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn changes.

To conclude, our team at Exclusive has been doing extensive research on these projects and is confident in several factors of future developments: First, all kitchen cabinetry for luxury, high-rise residential buildings in New York will be custom-Italian made by the year 2020. Second, Italian-imported rock, such as marble, granite and quartz, will be the only stone used to accentuate bathroom vanities.

Finally, the next innovation of interior design is Italian doors. Companies like Agoprofil, for example, can create one door with two different side finishes. This is a blessing to our industry because doors can now fit the interior of the room that they are enclosing. Many designers and architects are not familiar with this development yet. But no fear, Exclusive Home Interiors is here to introduce, educate and collaborate with all industry professionals to make life just a little easier for every New Yorker.

Hoboken, No Joking!

In New York City, it is no surprise to see a construction site on every corner. The Exclusive Home Interiors team is a key witness to the development of multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. Recently, new generations of developments are emerging across the Hudson River in Jersey City. By 2025, Jersey City will become a mini-Manhattan. High-rise luxury buildings offer small and mediocre apartments in the “Big Apple,” for prices that are aggressive and not affordable. Jersey City will be able to provide comfort and space for everyone. Maybe it will even be branded as the “Little Apple.”

The Exclusive team is paying close attention to three particular developments that will definitely change the future of both New York and New Jersey real estate. 99 Hudson, the Journal Squared development and 115 River Road are projects that are currently in the pre-development phase, are breaking ground, or are slowly topping-off.

Located just a short PATH train ride away from the World Trade Center, 99 Hudson is going to be New Jersey’s tallest building. The 900-foot condominium will advance to 79-stories, permanently redefining the New Jersey skyline. The Perkins Eastman designed tower will have over 65,000 square feet of resident amenities and add 781 apartments to the city’s housing market. The first seven stories of 99 Hudson will be utilized for multi-purpose entertainment and convenience. This includes: a 681-space parking garage, an indoor & outdoor pool, a lounge, a private screening room, a fitness center with several studios, a spa, retail spaces, and more. Open layout residences will feature floor to ceiling windows with unobstructed views of Jersey’s Gold Coast, the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan. Each apartment has a custom gourmet kitchen, made with Italian cabinetry. Kitchen counter tops are custom made with quartz stone to guarantee elegance and sustainable design. Cutting-edge appliances and technology are installed in each home to promote an innovative lifestyle. Spa-like designer baths and vanities will be made with custom porcelain tiles, ceramic back splash and quartz stone counter tops to ensure tranquility and relaxation. 99 Hudson is a unique multi-use development that focuses on providing homes with aesthetic, comfort and practicality. The complex will revolutionize the Gold Coast of Jersey City. Ming Wu, principal of Perkins Eastman, said it best that, “for decades now, people on the west side of the Hudson have marveled at Manhattan’s skyline, but today Jersey City is developing its own dynamic city, along with a world-class skyline.”

While 99 Hudson is anticipated to be New Jersey’s tallest building, a triplet-tower community called the Journal Squared development will be New Jersey’s largest development. The neighborhood made up of three sister towers will offer 1,800 luxury apartments total. The first tower, or phase 1, of the project has 54-stories and was completed in 2017. The second tower will be the tallest of the three and will rise to 72-stories with an anticipated completion of 2020. The third tower will have 60-stories and is currently in pre-planning. Each apartment inside the first phase has over sized windows that extend wall-to-wall, optimizing a resident’s view of the outside world. Natural light spills through the enormous windows making each home a comfortable place to live.

In Manhattan, the Waterline Square development is an urban community made up of three different buildings created by three different architects and interior designers. The purpose of hiring such a diverse team was to ensure the buildings are unique to their brand and style. Jersey City’s new neighborhood of multi-unit residences can be compared to Waterline Square. Renderings of “phase two” and “phase three” of Journal Squared have not been released as of yet. Hollwich Kushner and Handel Architects are the lead architects for the entire project. Christopher Stevens was in charge of the interior design for the first tower. It will be interesting to observe if developers, the KRE Group, plan to expand the design team in preparation for the rise of the other two buildings.

Jersey City is definitely undergoing a development boom in high-rise, luxury residential buildings. Proposals are submitted everyday for new multi-unit homes on the Gold Coast. Recently plans for a massive development were submitted in Edgewater, New Jersey. Real Estate developer Fred Dabies proposed the construction of a four-tower community in a town that is not typically known for high-rise buildings. The development together will have a total of almost 2000 residential units. Pre-construction plans consist of a four-building neighborhood where two properties will offer rental units and the other two will offer condominiums. The official address of this development is 115 River Road. New Jersey and New York state governments are working on expanding the ferry system to make the commute to and from Manhattan simple. No architect or interior designer has been assigned to the project yet, which means the Exclusive Home Interiors team is ready to fight to the finish to get the job done.

New buildings pop-up out of nowhere in New York City. Common corporate Americans often pay a high dollar for a small, inconvenient space. Real estate developers noticed trends in the housing market and came to the conclusion that building multi-unit residences in Jersey City, Hoboken, Edgewater, Fort Lee, Journal Square and Weehawken is absolutely necessary. The Journal Squared development, 99 Hudson and 115 River Road are all massive multi-unit and multi-building urban revitalization. They will heavily impact the sale and rental of luxury high-rise buildings. Every new construction along the Gold Coast of New Jersey will feature parking spaces, amenities and gorgeous apartments. Functional kitchens with custom-made in light pastel colors will house the latest and greatest in home appliances. Each person will get to experience luxury smart technologies from companies like Miele, Subzero & Wolf, Guggenheim and more. New developments in Jersey City are prioritizing open spaces, natural light and over-sized windows. Architects and designers believe that watching the world interact from the comfort of a home is relaxing and comforting.

70 Years of Innovation, 7 Decades of Sub-Zero & Wolf

Sub-Zero & Wolf is a company globally recognized as leaders in brand innovation. For 70 years, Sub-Zero & Wolf’s product has been favored by consumers and often specified by architects and designers for kitchen projects. Before becoming Sub-Zero & Wolf, the company was called Sub-Zero and they specialized in refrigeration. The home appliance industry is extremely competitive, but Sub-Zero quickly became a market leader through development and quality control. The irony is that the company’s greatest success was not at all high-tech.

Sub-Zero became the #1 brand utilized by consumers, designers and architects after developing built-in and integrated refrigeration. A protruding, or free standing refrigerator is the “elephant in the room” of modern day kitchen design. The purpose of this advancement was to break free from the design of a conventional kitchen and simply improve everyday life. Integrated refrigerators are meant to blend in with a kitchen’s cabinets. The external panel is made to match the cabinet finish, seamlessly setting a harmonious tone.

Every product is manufactured with premium materials. Founder of Sub-Zero, Westye Bakke, once stated that, “if you build a quality product, you will always have customers.” The quality of an appliance determines the way it looks, works and functions. Because of the dual refrigeration system, food kept in a Sub-Zero refrigerator stays fresh for long periods of time. The air filtration system in every fridge is inspired by the scientific minds at NASA. It is motivated by the power to conserve food by avoiding spoilage.

In the year 2000, Sub-Zero joined forces with Wolf; a company specializing in commercial cooking appliances. The two corporations called their newly formed company, Sub-Zero & Wolf. The collaboration was meant to give consumers and professionals the best of both worlds. By working together, the dynamic duo continue to dominate the kitchen appliance industry. The company released the first dual fuel range with a gas cooktop installed above a dual convection electric oven. Because the experts at Wolf were experienced in making appliances for commercial use, they created a residential cooktop that allows every person to feel as if they are an executive chef at a Michelin star restaurant.

The innovation and improvement never ends for Sub-Zero & Wolf because in 2015, they developed Wolf Gourmet countertop appliances. High performance products such as blenders, countertop ovens, toasters, multi-function cookers and more were developed to make food preparation clean, quick and simple. The company’s goal was to prove that a person does not have to be a culinary master to prepare a delicious meal.

Now, after 70 years, Sub-Zero & Wolf announced another new appliance. However this establishment is a slightly different generation of the company’s well known innovations. The development is called Cove and it introduces a new type of dishwasher. Utilizing Sub-Zero’s cabinet integrated design and Wolf’s premium expertise in durability, Cove dishwashers are now the most powerful appliance on the market. The interiors are adjustable and can be customized, while the technology ensures perfectly clean results and completely silent function.

The common home can be turned into an exclusive showroom with brand new innovations in kitchen cabinetry and appliances. Companies like Sub-Zero & Wolf, GaggenauMieleThermadorVikingLa Cornue and more are revolutionizing the home appliance market. These brands are constantly updating technology and adding new features to their products.

Once upon a time, kitchens were only appreciated for the purpose of cooking food. Nowadays, a household kitchen accommodates every family member, not just with food, but with efficiency. Every kitchen is a home’s centralized gathering place that influences how family and friends interact. Therefore, a kitchen must be equipped with smart appliances that simple for everyone to use. Appliances are updated for the purpose of functionality. Living and breathing in an innovative space can alleviate everyday stress and nurture the mind, body and soul. At Exclusive Home Interiors, each kitchen on display is equipped with integrated Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers to match the finishes of each Italian kitchen cabinet. In addition, both modern and traditional kitchens are on display with state of the art Wolf cooktops and built-in appliances.

On behalf of the team at Exclusive Home Interiors, we want to wish our most trusted partners, Sub-Zero & Wolf, a happy anniversary and congratulate them on a successful 70 years of business. Cheers to the past, the present and the future. The best is yet to come!

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is that we always have to have innovation in our blood…We always need to keep our products moving forward, ahead of the competition. Whether it’s with design, whether it’s with technology, with performance, reliability, customer service – you’ve always got to keep innovating and moving forward. That’s what makes our future so bright.” – Jim Bakke, President & CEO

Good Design! Buon Design!

In the design industry, the key to success is constantly staying educated and informed on new technologies developing for domestic spaces. To stay ahead in the extremely competitive market of interiors, it is imperative to be knowledgeable on new innovative designs, styles and trends. At Exclusive Home Interiors, traveling to trade shows hosted worldwide is crucial. Our team prioritizes introducing the American population to interior products from abroad. In the United States of America, Italian interiors are often perceived as a luxury commodity exclusively enjoyed by privileged, upper-class citizens. The American society has not yet accepted the practicality and quality of such product. Our goal, at Exclusive Home Interiors, is to educate New Yorkers and to convert these common misconceptions.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the largest interior trade show hosted annually in three major cities: Milan, Moscow and Shanghai. Founded in 1961, the exhibition serves as a global gathering point for all industry professionals. Every April, the primary show is hosted in it’s birth city of Milan. Salone del Mobile.Milano is the official umbrella organization that has developed seven different sub-organizations. Each year, board members of the central organization elect a theme for each show to present. Manufacturers who are featured in the shows are challenged to design according to the designated category. Because of the abundance of participating companies, dividing each show into sectors is extremely helpful. The sub-organizations developed thus far include, EurocucinaEuroluceWorkplace3.0, SaloneSatelliteSalone Internazionale del MobileSalone Internazionale del Complemento D’Arredo and Salone Internazionale del Bagno. The above categories, in order, directly translate to Euro Kitchen, Euro Lights, Office Spaces, New Generation Designers, International Furniture, International Furnishing Accessories and International Bathroom.

Last week, the Salone del Mobile.Milano was held in Moscow, Russia.The focus of the convention was Salone Internazionale del Mobile, or in other words, the central theme was International Furniture. The main concept presented by designers was to encourage the future of luxury furniture. The people of Russia are extremely keen and observant of quality interior products. Moscow’s traditional and modern architecture is breathtaking and filled with historical references. Gaining approval and demand for home furnishings from the Russian market is equivalent to gaining approval from the world. It is not simple to impress Moscow’s general public. The biggest challenge for exhibitors this year was to present traditional old fashioned glamour in a modern space. This year’s trend, designed by both veteran and contemporary brands, was characterized by geometric shapes, innovation and color. Over 300 international companies such as Missoni Home, Fendi Casa, Cappellini, Carpanese Home, Colombini Casa and more, showcased a wide selection of contemporary, traditional and decorative furniture designs.

This year, the people of Moscow were in luck because Salone del Mobile.Milano highlighted not one, but two sub-sections within the organization. SaloneSatellite was also featured in last week’s exhibition. The purpose of developing a show like this was to expose both the public and industry professionals to designers under the age of 35. SaloneSatellite is an opportunity presented to industry newcomers. There are so many young people who show such promising talent, dedication and knowledge of technology. The skills provided by new generations of designers are so important for innovation. Traditional brands will never not be popular because they create timeless designs that can forever be enjoyed. However, updates to interiors and home goods are constantly progressing to pacify the public’s need for new technology.

The next Salone del Mobile.Milano exhibition will be hosted in Shanghai on November 22nd-November 24th. Final preparations are currently taking place for the show, and designers are hard at work creating signature masterpieces. Shanghai is a city known for it’s innovation in technology. It is a “smart” city, where automation exists to make life easier. It will be interesting to observe how global designers integrate their furniture collections with the futuristic and advanced city.