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iKitchen: an Introduction to the Future of Exclusive Innovative Interiors

The innovation of modern technology revolutionized the 21 st century, redefining functionality and simplicity in everyday life. The constant development of motorized intelligence in contemporary kitchens serves to improve the style, quality and way of life for all generations. The dramatic development of the industry introduces new mechanisms that serve to utilize and optimize kitchen spaces. Features of the future include upgrades for kitchen cabinet finishes, mechanisms and appliances. Modern kitchen cabinets now possess unique open/close capabilities, which incorporate: fold, swing, lift-up, slide, pocket/flipper and push-touch systems. LED lights have been added as a groundbreaking feature and can be manipulated to illuminate a kitchen in warm, or cold temperature tones.

The industrialization of kitchens proves that size does not matter. Any kitchen space, big or small, can be optimized for complete and total use. Just like a smart phone, a kitchen can be organized in a compact space with a wide variety of applications made convenient and unique to a certain style.

Kitchens are the centralized and universal gathering place for family and friends. This public area within your private home is the epitome of conversation, milestones and, of course, a delicious meal. The visual aesthetic and functionality of such a sophisticated design creates the perfect atmosphere for every type of family.

Nowadays, families are not the only exclusive admirers of kitchen spaces. Contemporary kitchens are no longer defined by the values or image of a traditional household. Independent individuals rely on kitchen space for tranquility and organization to pacify their chaotic lives. For example, market powerhouses such as CopatlifeElmar CucineEuroMobili and Scavolini continue to develop home-technologies to enhance the lives of every single New Yorker. Companies like these are experts in the utilization of every single corner within an apartment. The creative minds of Elmar Cucine designed a convertible table that is hidden under the surface of a kitchen countertop, or island. The strategy behind creating a convertible table is to maximize efficiency. Having extra space, where it is often limited, creates endless opportunities to prepare and indulge in delicious, continental feasts.

Through observation and research, the progressive intellectuals of Copatlife determined the problem behind short-term kitchen deterioration. The company recognized that the finishes of modern kitchens should not only be beautiful, but also sustainable. Copatlife developed a heat and scratch resistant finish that truly redefines the definition of “multi-use.” The quality and smart featurettes differentiate this countertop finish from any other invented before. A contemporary innovation on a classic tradition creates the perfect atmosphere for every family, every couple, and every bachelor. The modern-day smart kitchen is equipped with appliances that make life easy, simple and organized. Kitchens continue to improve and transform into places of comfort and functionality. The evolution of such a traditional value is epic and will only advance as time goes on.

The purpose of innovating kitchen designs, finishes and mechanisms is to create simplicity in a modern home. Everyone has a dream kitchen that they wish to have. The one obstacle standing in the way of most people is that the process of kitchen decisions seems daunting. This moment of turning your dream into a reality should not be stressful.

If you do not know where to start your renovation, or home-building journey, we, the Exclusive Home Interiors, team would be more than happy to help you out. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our industry professionals, and you will be one step closer to your dream.

New Development in Progress: An Exclusive Empire

New Development in Progress: An Exclusive Empire – Anticipated Completion: SOON

Owner: 866 Sixth Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10001

Associates, L.L.C., c/o Exclusive Home Interiors

Construction sites have become a defining landmark of New York City. On every street corner, it is common to see properties wrapped in scaffolding with a sign anticipating a certain completion date. This sign acts as a token of hope and optimism that in a short span of time, a piece of land will transform into a building.

The metamorphosis of a residential, or commercial project is completed with impeccable speed by a community of industry professionals. The creation of these tall, timeless masterpieces is complicated, which is why each completed project possesses historical importance.

The birth of a building begins with a desirable dream envisioned by a developer. The dream is so vast that every fiber in a developer’s body aches towards making it a reality. A developer hires an architect and a designer, who skillfully translate a mental image into a physical sketch. From that point on: budgets are set by estimators, blueprints are finalized by architects, renderings are made by designers, products are specified by service providers like Exclusive Home Interiors, and assembly teams are prepared by construction companies. Finally scaffolding is put up around a piece of property to symbolize the start of a journey. For the next 24 months, a dream motivated by a group of professionals grows into a revolutionary reality.

A massive neighborhood is on the rise in Midtown West. Stretching along Tenth Avenue, a project called Hudson Yards grew into an overnight sensation. Developed by the Related Companies, and designed by renowned artist, Zaha Hadid, Hudson Yards will feature functional living spaces with high-end interiors, modern finishes, and smart technological systems.

This residential project is the largest utopia currently being built. The new landmark will commemorate the talent of Zaha Hadid. The residents of Hudson Yards will forever remember the artist who created their homes. People from all over the world will travel to explore this breathtaking attraction that captures a feeling community.

The Vessel a modern sculpture being branded as the Eiffel Tower of New York City, is the center point of Hudson Yards. Designed and constructed as an endless staircase, The Vessel will serve as a beacon of hope to never stop, until you get to the top. While Midtown, Manhattan is certainly booming, downtown districts are also expanding every day. West Street, the infamous West side highway connecting Manhattan, is home to an influential residential building that broke social norms. Development agency, Time Equities created the first multi-unit residence to ever break ground along the West side Highway. The unique building, formally named 50 West,features extraordinary mahogany kitchen cabinets equipped with state of the art technologies, such as temperature controlled wine cabinets and dishwashers disguised as cabinets. The luxury bathrooms include mosaics of beautiful tile, custom marble vanities and advanced plumbing systems.

Located a couple of blocks away from the One World Trade Center, 50 West stands directly across the historical monument symbolizing a fresh look into the future. The location of 50 West was intelligently chosen to ensure that the view from any floor would not be obscured. Living at 50 West is akin to living in a museum of modern art and technology. Time Equities deserves endless praise for such a masterpiece that was manifested and completed with love and perfection.

New York City is often called, and known as the Concrete Jungle. Every jungle needs a leader to establish order and proper living conditions for the public. Property developers are those leaders who guide and shape the city’s skyline with innovative ideas and motivational efforts. The luxury lifestyle promoted using high-end interiors such as, custom kitchen cabinets, custom bathroom vanities, designer tiles and more are the key to a comfortable life.

At Exclusive Home Interiors, our team has major plans of creating our own empire by becoming the #1 source for developers, architects and interior designers. The interiors of multi-unit landmarks deserve to be completed with the quality and care they were conceived with. Here at Exclusive, quality, care and perfection are a guarantee. At the end of the day, the quality of a person, place or thing are not assessed by observing the exterior of them. It is what is on the inside that counts the most.