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The Revival of Neglected Neighborhoods

One of the most important aspects of being in the architecture and design industry is constantly remaining educated on upcoming developments. It is meticulous work to research project information on websites like the Real Deal, or BidClerk. However, this is the only way to stay involved and relevant in this industry. Recently, there has been a huge influx of developments in overlooked neighborhoods, such as Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn. To specify, there has been a major expansion of proposals for multi-unit, residential high-rise buildings.

Bringing attention to Harlem is absolutely necessary. The neighborhood has never been known for developing communities of luxury, high-rise buildings. However, a numerous amount of developers saw Harlem as an opportunity to expand the Manhattan skyline. The creation of these new residences are in coherence to affordable housing making it possible for any income families to live in a safe space. The rise of these new ‘super-tall’ skyscrapers will positively promote security for residents who are often seen as vulnerable in such a neighborhood.

A particularly interesting development is set to premier at 20 West 116th Street, which will feature an 11-story, 28-unit apartment building. The new residence is special because it will be built on top of an existing, historical church. Harlem is an extremely historical and religious part of New York, and conserving the originality of the district is the key factor in creating successful developments. This is a popular trend amongst developments in Harlem, where residential units are being built on top of sacred spaces. Family is a divinity in itself and creating a holy home is the purpose of this landmark turnaround. The hospitality industry is also starting to expand to West 126th Street. Harlem’s infamous Victoria Theater was purchased by the Empire State Development Corporation to transform into a Renaissance Hotel by Mariott. The high-rise will feature approximately 200 rental units, half of which will be residential apartments offered at a below-market price. By creating an environment in which tourists are welcome, it will be interesting to see how Harlem transforms. It is such a historical part of New York that is often overlooked and branded as a place of crime, horror and violence. It is wonderful to see how real estate developers, architects and designers “re-discovered” Harlem and are working on building a better future for the hidden city gem.

Architecture and Interior Design firm duo, Hill West Architects and Whitehall Interiors NYC, can be confidently credited for Harlem’s revival. The partner firms started the construction craze in Harlem when they began working on the North Park Tower located at 1399 Park Avenue. The luxury building will soon rise to 23-stories with 72 exquisite units. The new construction is being branded as “legendary,” due to the blending of new technology and modern interiors with the historical neighborhood of Harlem. Developed by a private real estate investment firm called Heritage, 1399 Park Avenue will promote traditional family values in a modern setting. Early renderings of the apartment kitchens show traditional-style cabinetry with contemporary finishes, built to create a functional environment. It can be defined as a modern elegance that is not typically encouraged in present-day residences.

A big part of New York that is often overlooked is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is commonly misconceived as a community of brick pre-war buildings, old technology & appliances and eastern European immigrants. However, by early 2019, New York City’s sister metropolis will break free from all inferior stereotypes. New Yorkers will eventually desire to live, explore and thrive in Brooklyn.

A development that has made a lot of noise in the world of architecture, design and real estate, is located at 9 Dekalb Avenue. Upon completion, the building will be absolutely epic and totally unique to the Brooklyn skyline. Rising at 73-stories, and offering over 500 residential units, 9 Dekalb will be the tallest tower in Brooklyn once it is completed. The developer for this massive project is JDS Developers. The company partnered with Chetrit Group, and chose ShoP Architects as their lead architects. Interiors for this building are still an enigma and are to be determined. Who knows? Maybe the Exclusive Home Interiors team will get a chance to take on the new supertall and provide unique kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, doors, closets, lighting and more.

Lastly, emphasizing a triplet tower development in the South Bronx is imperative to the topic of overlooked and forgotten neighborhoods. The development is so large that it holds two official addresses: 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue. Real estate investment firms, Chetrit Group and Somerset Partners, are collaborating to construct these new residences, and have nominated the Hill West team as the lead architects. Each building will rise to 25-stories, and have 430 units available to lease. The entire project will hold about 1,300 residential units and have a 175-car garage. The interiors have also not yet been specified for this building, but renderings show sleek, sophisticated, modern kitchen cabinets, as well as bathroom vanities made with Italian marble and quartz. Once again, the priority of interior designers and architects is to create a stunning home, while utilizing every corner of a small space.

New York City is an extremely populated island, and it continues to expand with new residences for people to choose from. Every person deserves to live in a comfortable space that ensures aesthetic, practicality and performance. Every citizen should have the right to have the latest appliances and technologies equipped in their homes. Stainless steel microwaves, ovens and wine cabinets are a must nowadays. In New York neighborhoods such as Midtown East/West, the Financial District, TriBeca, SoHo, Chelsea, Upper East/West Side, etc., these normal and necessary appliances add cost to the already expensive and barely affordable real estate rates.

Engineering new construction in neighborhoods like Harlem, the Bronx and areas of Brooklyn, allows homes to be leased under the affordable housing plan. This gives every person of every socioeconomic dimension to live comfortably and glamorously. Exclusive Home Interiors supports this movement completely and is happy to be working a couple of firms that are solely focused on “forgotten neighborhoods” right now. It will be exciting to see how the skyline of Harlem, the Bronx and Brooklyn changes.

To conclude, our team at Exclusive has been doing extensive research on these projects and is confident in several factors of future developments: First, all kitchen cabinetry for luxury, high-rise residential buildings in New York will be custom-Italian made by the year 2020. Second, Italian-imported rock, such as marble, granite and quartz, will be the only stone used to accentuate bathroom vanities.

Finally, the next innovation of interior design is Italian doors. Companies like Agoprofil, for example, can create one door with two different side finishes. This is a blessing to our industry because doors can now fit the interior of the room that they are enclosing. Many designers and architects are not familiar with this development yet. But no fear, Exclusive Home Interiors is here to introduce, educate and collaborate with all industry professionals to make life just a little easier for every New Yorker.