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Celebrating an Exclusive Era

Exclusive Home Interiors was established over ten years ago in Brooklyn, New York. The main characteristic of a good company is noticing what society lacks, understanding what people need, and building a business based on a vision for a better future. The industry of home improvement is extremely competitive and there are undoubtedly many qualified companies on the market, but there is only one that can do it all.

We are an exclusive provider of Italian custom kitchen cabinets, doors, closets, lighting, furniture & more. We can easily accommodate any taste, style, or budget. The word exclusive directly translates to unique. Our company is extraordinary and is not to be confused with a common vendor, or resource. Our team can be considered the prime source between a concept, a design and a completed work. Remodeling a home, or specifying for a project shouldn’t be a difficult process. At Exclusive, we are here to make life easier.

Exclusive Home Interiors opened its first showroom in Brooklyn and became an instant success. Project after project, our team worked on transforming the common home into a comfortable, high-end, luxurious space for the right price. Our gracious hospitality and professionalism made each client happy.

Being in business for over ten years, we craved a larger workload and yearned to evolve. We saw the amount of construction being completed on every corner of the city, and felt the need to get involved in the action. Collectively, the Exclusive team decided to launch a development department to begin work on multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. Entering this market, we knew that it would be a shark tank, but we had enough hope, faith and leverage in the industry to succeed. There was only one slight issue: no architect, designer, or developer wanted to come visit our showroom in Brooklyn. The commute was tedious and took a lot of time out of everyone’s day.

To resolve the problem, we opened a showroom in Midtown Manhattan. The way we saw it was, “if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” We came to the Big Apple ready to work, compete and conquer. We built a retail showroom with high-end European products on display. Featuring several contemporary & traditional kitchens, functional closet systems, a variety of tiles & bathroom vanities, furniture pieces, lighting/plumbing systems, and a number of doors, makes our showroom a true spectacle.

We are extremely well-educated on every single company, finish, material, size, system, etc. Our team often travels to global trade shows and events. We are constantly educating ourselves on new technologies and innovations to incorporate into projects. We have participated in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, the Salone del Mobile in Milan and more. These events have allowed us to build a generous resource library of our own, as well as establish relationships with leading European brands.

Actions speak louder than words do, so I invite you to visit our Manhattan showroom located on the 11th Floor of 866 Sixth Avenue. At Exclusive Home Interiors, every experience is another story and offers a new way of living.

La Dolce Vita

Everyone admires, and secretly aspires to live the Italian lifestyle. The food, the culture, the architecture and the art are all beautiful components of Italy that influence the rest of the world. Nowadays, almost every new development in New York is influenced by Italian culture. Most buildings will pertain to modern influences, rising as glass skyscrapers. However, several extraordinary buildings will rise with traditional, classic exteriors.

For example, 130 William Street, designed by Sir David Adjaye & his team, is a high-rise residence that resembles an Italian villa. The facade is made out of a custom concrete with exposed windows making it an exclusive addition to not only the Financial District, but also the New York City Skyline. The interiors of every unit feature custom Italian kitchen cabinets with convenient storage systems. Artisan-made marble counter tops are heat-proof, waterproof and are an incredible addition to the kitchen environment. Each residence is equipped with custom Italian bathroom vanities with spacious drawers, as well as illuminated medicine cabinets to make the most out of the given space. The bathrooms are built completely with Italian hand-made marble and stone creating a luxurious atmosphere. Upon completion, the entire building will allow residents to experience the Italian lifestyle. Being at home will be akin to relaxing in a Tuscan villa. Home will be a constant vacation where residents are reminded of the three most important Italian values: food, family and friends.

Another Italian-influenced development is located at 114 Mulberry Street. The upcoming building has been named after a town in Rome called Parioli. Developed by market powerhouse, Wonder Works Construction Corp., and designed by Italian-based team ArchiGeo4, the new multi-unit residence is inspired by the Italian saying: “la dolce vita.” Making sure that life truly is sweet, Parioli suites will feature custom Italian kitchen cabinetry equipped with the latest and greatest home appliances. The lobby will be a true spectacle, highlighting Italian mastery of lighting and furniture. The best part about Little Italy’s new development is the art that will be installed throughout residences and the entire building. The photos and paintings will expose residents to Italian icons such as Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni.

125 Greenwich Street is currently in progress and is approaching completion. Developed by Italian real estate firm, Bizzi & Partners, the building focuses on bringing European influences into an American setting. The architect behind this project is Rafael Viñoly, who uses his knowledge of urban communities to create a functional, beautiful and contemporary environment. The interiors are designed by dynamic duo March + White. Residences at 125 Greenwich will be available to fit any taste, style and size. Three different color schemes are to be offered when it comes to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, counter tops and plumbing systems. Upon completion, this versatile building will accommodate every single resident. The kitchen cabinetry is heavily influenced by Italian technology offering occupants the space they deserve and pay for. Apartments will include Italian bathroom vanities hand-made with marble. This reoccurring luxury defines an exclusive lifestyle and is adored by many.

There are so many other buildings currently under construction that will feature Italian interiors. Living the Italian life is definitely globally craved. Future apartments will not only going to be a place for rest, but they will also be a work of art defined by Italian culture. For over a decade, Exclusive Home Interiors has been trying to prove to the world that the future is in Italian kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, closets, doors, lighting and furniture. The world finally seems to believe in the concept we have been pushing for years. At Exclusive, we have already developed a familial relationship with noted and sought-after Italian interior companies. We can guarantee the best deals on the market for multi-unit residential and commercial buildings. Even looking at the renderings for 130 William, Parioli and 125 Greenwich, we can specify each item immediately without even doing much research. Exclusive Home Interiors is the primary source to use in new developments.